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Friday, June 3, 2011

A few of my favorites for the baby's room!

The baby's due soon!  In setting up his room, we decided on a jungle animals theme.  We found the bedding set and sheets and everything at Babies R Us, the heaven of everything baby.  But to add some decoration to the room, I started looking at handmade items to see what I could find.

First, I found this...

I love those little animals!  Just adorable and would match the room.  So far so good!

Then I found this...

He's a wall cling!  Oh my gosh.  I love him.  He'd be so cute above the crib!

Then there was this...

Perfect!  Everyone says that I will need a clock in the baby's room.

And finally...

Wow!  The letters are actually painted to match our bedding set!

Seriously, I love these all and even if I'm still decorating the room after he comes, these are all first on the list to purchase!

Happy Friday!!!

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