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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful day!

Boy is it a beautiful day out today.  The sun is shining, no sign of rain, the temperature is nice... It feels like it's been forever!  Yesterday (Friday) I had a wedding to go to.  Trying to find something nice to wear to a wedding when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant is an accomplishment, let me tell you.  I don't understand why the only nice dresses that the maternity store had were short.  I'm sorry.  When I'm this pregnant, I do not want a short dress.  I not only don't want anyone to see my swollen calves/ankles/feet, but a short dress would only get shorter when my belly fills it out.  Anyway...I did end up finding a nice pants outfit to wear, and a great day was had by all.  The bride was beautiful, the weather (sort of) held out and the food was not bad.

Anywhoooo....I made a collection the other day on ArtFire of all handspun yarn.  Yarn that included this...

Citrus Berries corriedale/merino handspun yarn

and this...

BFL Hand Spun Wool Yarn - Garden party - 78 yards

and this...

TTS Handspun Handdyed Thick and Thin Slub Yarn RedCloudWulfenite 04

I want them all!  I just love handspun yarn.  It always has such character to it.  No matter if it's made by a beginner or a professional like these, it's just the idea that someone made it by hand that adds such life to the yarn.  The final projects that are completed with handspun yarn are always one of a kind!  I do some spinning myself, but I am by no means a master.  Not like the makers of these yarns.  I have such respect, admiration and more than a little jealousy toward masterful spinners.  My hat's off to you!

If you would like to see the whole collection that I put together (trust me, it's beautiful), visit it here.

Happy Sunny Saturday!!!

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