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Thursday, May 19, 2011

ArtFire is quickly growing on me

So part of the reason that I started a blog is because I also started a store on ArtFire.  I 've been selling on Etsy for a few years now, and I figured that opening another store in another online venue couldn't hurt.  Well, ArtFire is really starting to grow on me.  It is quickly surpassing Etsy as a website that stays open in my browser all day so that I can keep returning to it.  At first, I was confused as to how to navigate thru everything, but once you get the hang of it, it's really pretty user friendly.

So in honor of the contest that ArtFire is having right now, below are 5 of my favorite things so far about ArtFire.

1. The people.  Everyone is so nice!!!  Oh my gosh.  I posted an introduction to myself in the forums, and I received four pages of welcomes and more than a few tips and tricks to use.  Everyone is so friendly and eager to help each other.  It's such a pleasant change from what I had seen on Etsy.

2. The help.  There is a whole page of just tutorials in order to help you get aquainted with the website and how to succeed with your store.  These aren't just little tutorials that give you only half of the information that you need.  They are long and in depth and VERY helpful.

3. With the Pro account, only one monthly fee.  I don't know how the regular account works because I automatically signed up for the Pro account.  For 10 bucks a month, it's totally worth it.  They don't charge you every time you list an item.  They don't charge you every time you sell an item.  They charge one monthly fee.  They're there for the seller, not necisarilly for the money.

4. They work with Etsy.  They don't pretend to think that they are the only website out there that sells handmade items.  They don't penalize you for advertising another site.  They work WITH you in order to make you better.  Wow.  What a concept.  On Artfire, you can import your items that you already have for sale on Etsy.  With just a few tweaks, you have your new item up in both shops within a few minutes instead of it taking forever.  They make it easy!!!

5. Smaller may just be better.  ArtFire doesn't pretend to be this huge handmade marketplace online.  They know that they are smaller and that seems just fine with them.  Etsy is getting bigger every day, but there is a way to become too big, and they seem to be pushing the envelope on that one.  In order to get noticed on Etsy, you need to relist, like, every 5 minutes.  If you sell items that quite a few other people sell (like I do), this is really the only way to get noticed.  Of course, every time that you re-list, you pay Etsy another $.20 per listing.  Hmm...Etsy is getting richer while my listing is already on the second page within a minute.  This goes back to my number 3 with ArtFire's one low price.  With ArtFire, the search lists are generated randomly, to an extent.  It also has to do with how involved you are with your store.  The more involved you are, the higher up the list you go.  This is good for both sellers and buyers.  For the seller, you know that you will be recognized more for your commitment.  For the buyer, you know that if you like something that is listed on the first few pages, you are buying from a seller that is committed to their craft. 

In just the few days that I've been on ArtFire, it's obviously had a great impact on me.  I think that this will just get better, too.  I would recommend to anyone that wants to sell their handmade items to the online audience, ArtFire first, Etsy second.

If you REALLY want to sign up for it, use my referral link.  If you sign up for the Pro account (which I recommend.  Totally worth it), you will get your third month free!!!

Here is my referral link.  Use it, abuse it!

Well, that's my long post for the day.  Fun stuff to come soon!!

Just to reward you for getting to the end of this post, here is a picture of my cat when she was 6 weeks old!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. hehee the long post was well worth waiting to see your adorable kitten. I love that AF has the Etsy importer. Great post!