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Friday, August 5, 2011

Blue Jean Collection and more!

Vacation time...for the rest of my family.  My husband and his family will be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow.  Unfortunately, because I was out of work for 6 weeks with the baby, I don't get to go.  :(  So it's a week without the hubby for me.  Oh well.  My little one makes it worth it.

Meanwhile...I made a new collection!  Titled Blue Jean Baby.  It's all items either made with the color of blue jeans or actual blue jeans!  I love these.  The blue of blue jeans is such a great color to work with.

Take for example this necklace made by WillOaks Studio.  I love the drape and the ribbon adds a beautiful touch.

Then there is this clutch from Nancy's Bags Etc.  I LOVE how they used the buckle from the overall as the closure for the clutch.  So creative!

And this bear made by Crivellobears is absolutely adorable!  I just want to squeeze him!!!

Go check out the collection and leave a comment!

Meanwhile, I'm re-organizing my store and will be updating older listings and adding some fresh new ones!

Happy Friday!

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